• November 12, 2014 - The Emory ECMO Center completed its first airborne transport

  • July 12, 2014 53 Emory ICU Nurses are trained on the care of ECMO patients

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Our Model

Nursing training

The Emory ECMO Center uses a collaborative, multidisciplinary, team based approach for the management of ECMO patients.  In this model, Emory Univeristy Hosptial Intensivists direct a team of advanced practitioners, nurses, perfusionists, and respriatory therapists in the managment of patients that have profoundly complex critical illness.

Our ECMO Providers and Technology


Our CARDIOHELP ECMO system is operated by highly trained respiratory therapists.  Each therapist undergoes over 15 hours of classroom ECMO education designed to help bring a complete understanding of ECMO patient management.   This is followed by 24 hours of proctored bedside care by a perfusionist and a rigorous written and practical exam before being able to provide ECMO care.

ECMO Referrals

Emory ECMO Transfers

air transport


For outside Emory referrals, please contact the Emory Transfer Center and request a transfer for ECMO.  We have the ability to transport patients globally and provide remote cannulation services in select situations.

For internal referrals, please contact the ECMO Service pager (PIC 51123) in Simonweb.